The Energetic Detox Footbath System generates a field of highly charged ions that flow through the body negating free radicals and energizing and stimulating cells to release toxins through osmosis (the passing of fluid through a porous membrane from a less saturated solution to a more saturated solution). Over time cellular energy is renewed and balance is brought back to the body.

​Since every body is different at different times, each experience is unique. Toxins not released during the session are released into the lymphatic system and eliminated naturally. The process, peritoneal dialysis, is safe and medically approved.

Benefits from the ionic footbath may include: increased energy, oxidation of cells and improved circulation; decreased recovery time from disease and injury; reduction of pain, edema, inflammation, joint stiffness and stress; relief from headache and fatigue; whole body detoxification, weight loss, anti-aging and removal of heavy metals. Other benefits may include normalization of sleep patterns, clearer complexion and strengthening of the immune system.