Jenny Lynn Wilkinson, DC, Cert. Acu., Body Code

Dr. Jenny Lynn Wilkinson is a graduate of Parker University where she earned her degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic as well as a bachelors in Health & Wellness, Anatomy and Applied Kinesiology, she is also board certified in Acupuncture. One of Dr. Wilkinson’s achievements is becoming a Molecular Hydration Specialist and exploring the uses of Kangen water to help maintain balance with her patients through hydration. Dr. Wilkinson prides herself on her passion for helping people and making her patients feel like there is someone who cares for their health. With a strong focus on Women’s health Dr. Wilkinson has helped countless patients achieve their weight loss goals through proper nutritional education and exercise. Dr. Wilkinson was born and raised in the area and is familiar with all the seasonal allergy problems that a lot of the locals deal with, through her extensive use of essential oils Dr. Wilkinson has assisted in controlling those allergies and in some cases eliminated them. If optimal health, feeling good about yourself, and being pain free are important to you call today.

Dr. Wilkinson uses muscle testing to communicate with the subconscious mind and find out what is causing a persons imbalances. She combines multiple techniques to find the right combination to achieve optimal health. A few techniques include Emotion Code, Body Code, Applied Kinesiology, Acupuncture, gentle instrument adjusting, essential oils, supplements, Biomat and Kangen water to treat the whole person. Dr. Wilkinson applies muscle testing to find imbalances that can be caused by food intolerances, chemicals, emotional, nutritional and structural imbalances, as well as organ gland and meridian imbalances. By balancing the body’s energy, one has the opportunity to allow the body to do exactly what it was made to do…HEAL IT SELF! Dr. Wilkinson treats the entire person, mind, body, and soul.